Swansea 10th september update 2023 comedy in swansea

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Stone Circle Comedy

September 10th

The Garage Uplands Swansea


Get ready to laugh your socks off with Jenny Lockyer, the musical comedy maestro who’s been rocking the comedy scene for a whopping 20 years! With a guitar in one hand, a golden voice in the other, and a pocketful of twisted lyrics, Jenny Lockyer is a comic songstress extraordinaire.

Step into her world where musical madness meets comedic genius. From her hilarious tales of life’s absurdities to her catchy and charming musical numbers that’ll have you humming along for days, Jenny Lockyer delivers a night of pure musical comedy joy. She’s been there, done that, and still manages to keep us in stitches!

Join the party as Jenny takes you on a musical rollercoaster through her delightfully insane universe. If you’ve been looking for the perfect blend of music and comedy, look no further. With two decades of experience under her belt, Jenny Lockyer is the ultimate comedic virtuoso, and her performances are not to be missed.


Presenting a luminary of wit from the enchanting realm of South Wales, allow us to introduce the distinguished comedic virtuoso, Alex Perkes. A radiant star gracing the firmament of the South Wales comedy circuit, his comedic brilliance shines with an elegance that is both delightfully dry and subtly surreal.

With a comedic finesse as polished as the finest Welsh slate, Alex Perkes has captivated audiences with his uniquely refined humor. His witticisms possess a dryness that could rival the Sahara, and a surreal edge that paints laughter in strokes of artistic absurdity.

In a feat that earned him well-deserved acclaim, Alex Perkes triumphantly advanced to the final of the esteemed Welsh Unsigned Stand-Up Award. This testament to his comedic prowess solidified his position as an unparalleled comedic luminary. 

Alex’s performances resonate with audiences across the United Kingdom. With a comedic brilliance as expansive as the rolling hills of his homeland, he consistently delivers uproarious laughter and leaves audiences yearning for more. From the charming corners of Cardiff to the bustling streets of London, Alex Perkes unfailingly captures hearts and elicits gales of laughter, firmly establishing himself as a comedic tour de force.


Andy Kind is a comedian, author and writer-for-hire. He started doing Stand-up on 23rd January 2005. By the September of that year, Andy had gone full-time as a comedian and has made a living from it ever since. He won Anything for Laffs in 2005 and in mid 2013 hurdled over the 1000-gig barrier

Described by The Scotsman as ‘Terrific’, Andy’s stand-up style can best be described as ‘the joyful rant of a post-30 chaos vacuum’, and he has been featured on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4 and supported Tim Vine on a few of his tour dates.

In April 2011, Andy’s first book, Stand Up and Deliver: a nervous rookie on the comedy circuit was published by Lion Hudson. The sequel, The Gig Delusion, was released by Wilmot Books exactly two years later.

His jokes have featured on Dave’s One Night Stand and Live at the Apollo. He currently enjoys writing regular articles for Families First magazine and CVM, and has written for, amongst others, The Gooner, Threads, and Sorted Magazine.

The Night as always is Hosted by our other very own resident MC

Steffan Alun

(As seen on BBC Wales 'Stand-Up for Sesh')

Tickets are priced at £10, 

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