Swansea 10th march 2024 The Garage Uplands

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Stone Circle Comedy Clubs Swansea are back again on February 11th with another killer line-up at the Garage Music Venue Uplands  (Part of the Whitez snooker hall)   

So come and join us for a full professional line-up of hilarious comedy. 

Our acts are as follows…

Our Opener is –  SAUL HENRY

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of North Yorkshire, Saul Henry isn’t just your average comedian – he’s a comedic force of nature! With years of experience lighting up stages across the northern comedy scene, Saul’s wit is as sharp as his Yorkshire wit.

Saul isn’t just a comedian; he’s a maestro of mirth, a wizard of wit! His stand-up routines will have you rolling in the aisles, clutching your sides with laughter. From observational humor to razor-sharp one-liners, Saul’s comedic prowess knows no bounds.

Our middle act is –EMMA  CROSSLAND

Buckle up, folks, because Emma Crossman is here to take you on a wild ride through the absurdity of adulthood. Despite hitting the milestone of 35 years on this planet, Emma hasn’t quite mastered the art of “adulting.” Instead, she’s stumbled from one hilariously ridiculous crisis to the next, leaving a trail of laughter in her wake.

Join us for an evening of side-splitting comedy as Emma Crossman shares her tales of woe and absurdity. Whether she’s recounting her latest mishap or regaling you with anecdotes from her chaotic existence, one thing’s for sure – you’ll be laughing until your sides ache.

Our Headliner is – MATT FONG

Brace yourselves for an evening of non-stop hilarity with the one and only Matt Fong! With a dynamic stage presence and boundless energy, Matt has graced venues across the UK and beyond, leaving audiences in stitches wherever he goes.

When it comes to comedy, Matt Fong is no stranger to success. As a finalist in the prestigious “Jokers’ Joker of the Year” competition in 2014, Matt’s comedic chops have been recognized and celebrated by audiences and industry professionals alike.

With Matt, it’s all about authenticity. His humor flows effortlessly, drawing from his own life experiences, hilarious anecdotes, and unique perspectives on the world. Nothing feels forced with Matt – he’s a natural-born comic who knows how to keep the laughs rolling.

The Night as always is Hosted by our very own resident MC



  (As seen on BBC Wales ‘Stand-Up for Sesh)

Tickets are priced at £10.

The doors open at 6:30 pm with some brilliant prices on drinks.

Tickets are priced at £10, 

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